What gall!

Who does Andrew Speaker think he is?  Everyone knows that tuberculosis is a pretty bad disease and is spread through the air.  Everyone knows that the air on an airplane is pretty poluted on the best days, and that one is more likely than not to come off an airplane with the virus du jour.  So he knows he has TB, gets on a plane anyway, or make that several planes, long international flights.  Runs from the CDC when they track him down – on another plane, no less.  And his comment now is that he really didn’t think he was putting anyone at risk?

Right.  Maybe he should have stopped at “I didn’t think.”  or maybe changed the sentence to, “I didn’t care.”  What incredible disregard for other people.  What arrogance! 

I’m afraid it rather sums up the way too many people have become these days. The thought is ME, ME, ME.  Speaker is perhaps the quintessential ME guy.  He is even willing to put his bride at risk, for goodness sakes!  Not to mention all the hundreds of people he came in contact with.  Shame on him.

2 thoughts on “What gall!

  1. mary mondejar

    i could not agree with you more! total lack of concern for others. how can we protect ourselves against people like speaker?? really, unfortunately, we can’t.

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