It’s been awhile

I haven’t posted for awhile. Not that lots hasn’t been happening in my world lately, but I am always editing myself as to what is worth committing to virtual paper. 

 I recently had to go to Washington. DC on business.  I love that city.  For one thing, my son is attending college there (Georgetown, class of ’09, Go Hoyas!).  And for the other, the city is always in motion.  Lots to do, some famous landmark around every corner, great food, interesting neighborhoods, good walking opportunities. Plus there’s the idea that some legendary power broker could be walking down the sidewalk in front of you, or dining next to you, or even working a deal in some smoke filled room nearby.

When I am in DC, I have these continuing waves of patriotism.  I almost want to hum the national anthem the whole time I am there.  This time, I walked by the White House, and while I don’t particularly care for it’s current occupant, I had this feeling of satisfaction as I walked by. 

There were protesters in front, something about the Iraq War or Pakistan or both, I couldn’t quite tell.  Police were hanging around in case it got ugly, but it didn’t.  That same scene being reinacted in most other countries would result in tear gas, arrests, injuries, intimidation, and much worse.  I can even get patriotic watching a bunch of protesters.  Lame, but true. God Bless America.

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