Society as a whole doesn’t take enough responsibility for our actions. Take the environment. Couldn’t we all do a bit better about conservation? What else could you do that would make a difference, even if ever-so-small. Last night walked by my son’s room and noticed the little lights on his DVD and TV glowing in the dark. He is grown, hasn’t lived in our house for years, but still, we had the TV and DVD ready for him to walk in any minute to use. That’s small potatoes in the whole energy conservation realm, but I unplugged them. I probably won’t save enough money from those two little LEDs to buy a pack of gum, but maybe if enough of us do that, we can save a bit of the rain forest, or the coastline, or some such thing.

Not that we’ll ever know what that little action does for our planet, but wouldn’t it be cool to imagine the possibilities. They call that the butterfly effect, which essentially says that a small change in one place can have significant effects in another. The theory goes that the air displaced by the butterfly’s wings could set off a chain of events that could eventually change the path of a tornado or some such wind disturbance. Interesting thought.

Couldn’t we all be a bit more insistent that our corporations be more responsible – environmentally, socially, internationally? And how about making sure our government leaders hold them accountable? Not when it’s politically advantageous, but all the time. If enough butterflies were out there flapping like mad, just think of the effect we could have.

(I want to be a swallowtail, please.)

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