I bought a pair of high heel shoes this weekend. My first pair since, well, since nearly forever. I had a pretty important meeting today, and thought my suit would look better, and therefore I would be smarter, with these shoes. I was right about the suit and the shoes being perfect together. And the meeting went pretty well, too.

But those shoes. Now I remember why I quit wearing heels. I had a heck of a time walking in them and I could not wait to change into flats when my big meeting was over.

Why do women do this to ourselves? Heels look hot, sure. But they hurt your feet and, as I realized today, throw your back and balance out of alignment. But still we wear them. And we wear girdles and panty hose. I think it has something to do with pride, ego, self-concept. It’s so stupid.

But my legs look awesome In those shoes. Maybe before my next gray suit day, I’ll practice walking around the house. Comfort is one things. Sexy legs are another, after all.

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