I have a friend – a professional acquaintance, actually – who I have known for probably 15 years. We’ve always been friendly but not particularly close. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to use his services for my organization. It helped my organization, he made some money, and he even provided a discount, as I recall. During the engagement, I introduced him to another colleague, who arranges the kind of business he provides for a statewide group. They hit it off, and he got a lot of business from that one introduction.  It was a good introduction for him.

And good for me, too, it turns out.

He has never forgotten that kindness. He will call every few months with the offer of his UK Football or Basketball season tickets to a game he can’t attend.  Tickets that are in high demand. My favorite team. And he never fails to mention how much he appreciates my introduction several years before. I did so little, what anyone would have done, but he continues to show me how important it was for him.

It’s not really the ‘pay it forward’ concept, but just a nice gesture for someone results in a nice outcome for me. It sure is great reinforcement of my concept that one should try to open doors for others when you can. It doesn’t always result in UK tickets, certainly, but sometimes it does, and that makes it worth doing. The other thing that makes it worth doing is how good it makes me feel when a successful connection has been made.

What connections are you making? And are you showing gratitude for others who make good connections that help you?

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