Joyful Childhood

Our neighbors have four beautiful girls, ranging in ages of 12 to 2. Blonde, thin, athletic, and cute as cute can be.

Today I happened to be outside to witness a wonderful event. Their grandmother lives some 70 miles or so away and visits fairly often. She usually spends a night or two, which is what she did this weekend. . As she was leaving, the girls, all four of them, ran behind the car yelling, ‘Bye, Grandma, we love you,’ as she drove away. The joyful young voices make me stop my gardening just to watch, listen, and enjoy. As Grandma drove out of sight, the girls gave one final call, the loudest of all, and in unison!

What an adorable tradition they have. I have been lucky enough to witness it several times, and hope today was not the last.

What family traditions do you have?