A good life

A friend was buried today.  I didn’t know him very long, but I knew him well.  He was a good man. Loved his family, his community, his church, his motorcycle.  He loved to laugh, have fun, meet people.  He was sometimes too loud, sometimes said things that were a little insensitive.  ‘Politically correct’ did not hold much sway with him. But he cared about people, never ever meant to hurt anyone.  In fact, he tried to lift others up.  If he heard something nice about you, he told you.  If he noticed something good in you, he mentioned it.  He willingly shared his knowledge. All who knew him are better for the experience.

He was a friend, and the world – and I – will miss him. I’ll miss his hearty laugh, his ready smile, his bad jokes, his kindness.  And I’ll remember what it means to care about others, and hope I can follow his example.

Jack, I am glad I knew you.

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